Design charts from Notion quickly.

Visualize your Notion databases quickly and easily within minutes.


How It Works


Connect to Notion

Connect to your Notion workspace to select databases to create charts.


Create Chart

Create unlimited charts from your database with your choice of chart type, colors, and more. You can filter and sort data as you do in your notion dashboard.


Embed chart

Embed your charts direclty to your Notion dashboard. Copy the link and paste it to your pages.


Easy Data Import

Effortlessly import your databases and pages from Notion with a few clicks.

Real-Time Sync

Keep your charts updated with the latest data from Notion automatically.


We don't store any of your data, we only have access to the databases you decide to share with us.

Seamlessly switch chart types

Choose from bar, line, pie, and other chart types to visualize your data. Adjust colors, labels, axes, and legends to match your preferences and brand.

Filtering and Sorting

Advanced options to filter and sort data for precise analysis. Group and aggregate data to derive meaningful insights.

Export and Embed your Charts

Export charts as PNG, JPEG, PDF, and other formats. Embed your charts in Notion, websites, blogs, or applications with ease.

Get Unlimited Access


$3.99 /month

Unlimited Charts

24/7 Support

No branding

Color Customization

Advanced filtering and sorting

Frequently Asked Questions

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